What are the things of low calorie and nutritious that need attention not to overeat even if they are good for the body ?

” Attention to eating too much fruits good for beauty and health”

Eating fruits daily is good for the body and being rich in vitamins and polyphenols they have excellent beauty effects. However, fruits contain simple carbohydrates, with the same composition as sugar. The simple carbohydrates are absorbed in the intestines and their property is that they are easily turned into fat. Therefore, if eaten in excess quantity, they will be stored as fat. For that reason, the standard is 100 kilocalories of fruit per day and attention needs to be paid to overeating.


“When thirsty, drink water or tea, not soft drinks”

Speaking of sweets, one thinks about cakes and cookies but, you need to be careful about soft drinks too. 500 ml of juice contains almost the same amount of sugar as a short cake.The sports drinks also seem to be good for health but, many of them contain sugar. It is better to choose sugarless drinks.

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