Low calorie and Nutritious Diet method to revise the eating habits

Stop eating too fast to improve eating. Eating too fast not only means the amount of food eaten in a fixed time increases, but because of continuously eating a lot until feeling full, leads to overeating.

Generally it is said that, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes until the feeling of full is felt in the satiety center in the brain. Learn to eat slowly than usual in order to feel satisfied with a small amount of food.

“Eating while doing something else is the biggest enemy of a diet”

If you eat while watching TV or the smart phone, you cannot feel satisfied. The brain feels that it wants to eat more. To avoid this, it is important to consciously turn your attention to eating and to enjoy the appearance and the taste of food.

Continue to be a little inventive every day

In case you ate too much at a single meal, try to be moderate for at least next three days. For example, stop eating when your stomach is 80 percent full. Choosing Japanese food over western food is also important.


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