Euglena sweet of Japanese convenience store, inexpensive and delicious

I’d like to introduce some sweets of Euglena (Japanese name: Midorimushi) sold at a Japanese convenience store named “FamilyMart.”

“Euglena Honey and Oat Danish”

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A honey-flavored Danish into which Euglena was kneaded, and fragrant oats are used as topping of it.
It contains 300 milligrams of Euglena, but its flavor isn’t strong.

“Euglena and powdered Green tea pudding”

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It is a pudding with a creamy powdered green tea flavor, and its texture is smooth.
The flavor is enhanced by synergy of Euglena and powdered Green tea.

The pudding melts in your mouth smoothly; you are sure to love this texture, so you can’t stop eating it.

“Grapefruit & strawberry smoothie with Euglena which you eat with a spoon”

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This dessert is a kind of smoothie and has three tastes.
It contains 300 milligrams of Euglena; sweet-sour diced strawberries and strawberry sauce are used as topping on grapefruit jello with pulp which contains Euglena.
Then a generous amount of fluffy whipped cream is added on top of it as the final touch.
Though it is heavy, it tastes good with its light flavor.
I recommend that you enjoy the three tastes at the same time, scooping all of the three layers with a spoon.

“Euglena and yogurt folic acid plus”

img_1109849b1c46630c522d388a5f38e00836616   Reference
It contains kiwi, aloe, 300 milligrams of Euglena and 300 micrograms of folic acid. When you take a bite, the rich flavor and taste like “kombu soup stock” spread on your tongue.
It slightly tastes like green seaweed, but it is very easy to eat and tasty.


In the future, many kinds of Euglena sweets will be sold at  convenient stores in Japan.

Wrapped up by Yushi

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