“Euglena Chinsuko” (Okinawan cookie) in Ishigakijima, it’s a new delicious collaboration!

Chinsuko is one of the most popular souvenirs and traditional sweets in Okinawa. It is a baked confectionery which contains wheat flour, sugar and lard. The moderate sweetness is similar to shortbread.

Here is the “Euglena(Japanese name is Midorimushi) Chinsuko” (Okinawan cookie) in Ishigakijima. (A box of 12)

304018     Reference  www.oki-toku.com/304018.html

The Chinsuko contain flavorful walnuts and Euglena which support beauty and health. It’s a new delicious collaboration! A cute image of a Euglena is printed on the package. It has a cute round shape and a thin green color, and it has a sweet but slightly bitter flavor.


Reference kisyoku.bakufu.org/mic.htm

Here is the Chinsuko (Okinawan cookies).

   250px-Chinsuko   Reference ja.wikipedia.org/wiki

Ishigakijima is an island belonging to Okinawa; it is a beautiful place with rich nature and abundant resources.

Notes.  You might become healthier just by staying there.

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