Diet snack made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse, limited edition products of Japanese company(Cecile and Kanbayashi)

Most women want to become thinner and become beautiful. Moreover, they need low calorie  snacks that is not only satisfying, but also delicious.

I’d like to introduce the limited edition products and Cecile has collaborated with Kanbayashi, founded in 1880, and a well-established maker of specialty Osaka “millet cakes” and “healthy sweets”.

Here we have diet cookie bars made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse and there are 5 assorted flavours in each pack of 30


They have no added cane sugar and are sweetened with a malt sugar reduction (maltose) with the other 4 ingredients being bean-curd refuse powder, konjac powder, plantain seed coating and guar bean enzyme resolvent which swells when water is added.They are considered tasty and filling.

Having a glass of water along with these chewy cookie bars makes for a more satisfying snack.  Each selection of cookie bars is conveniently packed for easy carrying.

Here we have diet cookies made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse and each unit of cookies is packed in convenient, easy-to-carry bags.


These cookies are considered tasty and promote a feeling of fullness in the stomach”. They have no added sugar and same healthy ingredients as the diet cookie bars made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse. You can enjoy 8 kinds of flavors: plane almond, black soybean, citrus aurantium, black sesame, cocoa, white sesame, powdered green tea.

Here we have diet cookies made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse added collagen


These cookies are contained 30,000 mg of collagen per 1 kg and making them suitable for women as well. Each chewy cookie is small enough for one bite, you can easily snack on the collagen diet cookie anytime. You can enjoy 5 kinds of flavors: plane , carrot, black sesame, cocoa, powdered green tea.

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