What are the things of low calorie and nutritious that need attention not to overeat even if they are good for the body ?

” Attention to eating too much fruits good for beauty and health” Eating fruits daily is good for the body and being rich in vitamins and polyphenols they have excellent beauty effects. However, fruits contain simple carbohydrates, with the same composition … Continued

Diet snack made of Soybean milk bean-curd refuse, limited edition products of Japanese company(Cecile and Kanbayashi)

Most women want to become thinner and become beautiful. Moreover, they need low calorie  snacks that is not only satisfying, but also delicious. I’d like to introduce the limited edition products and Cecile has collaborated with Kanbayashi, founded in 1880, and … Continued

Euglena sweet of Japanese convenience store, inexpensive and delicious

I’d like to introduce some sweets of Euglena (Japanese name: Midorimushi) sold at a Japanese convenience store named “FamilyMart.” “Euglena Honey and Oat Danish”     Reference ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/25848?page=3 A honey-flavored Danish into which Euglena was kneaded, and fragrant oats are used … Continued