“Calorie Control Icecream”, you don’t gain weight.

You know what?  “Calorie Control Icecream” is a diet icecream. You do not gain weight even if you eat a lot!

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I wrapped up the explanations in this homepage.
<Development Background >
“Calorie Control Icecream” is a diet icecream that is developed by Ezaki Glico company and the Nutrition Administration Department of a medical center.
This development is based on customer’s opinions.

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Only 80kcal a cup.
It is half the calorie of common icecreams, despite its satisfying volume(110ml).
Sugar isn’t used.
Several kinds of low-caloric sweeteners are put together, and this makes the natural sweetness the same as common icecreams.
Tofu(soybean) is used.
It keeps the calorie low and melts smoothly in your mouth.
There is a lot of dietary fiber, more than 6g each.

I’d like to introduce some icecreams which are like wafers, also known as “Monaka-ice”.

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Their ingredients are chosen and treated carefully, and they are delicious.
“Vanilla Adzuki Monaka” contains Adzuki-beans and condensed milk.
“Powered Green Tea Monaka” contains Uji-brand powered green tea.
“Chocolate Monaka” contains chocolate with calorie cut by 39%.

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