Anti-tooth decay chocolate made by dentists

This chocolate was created at the suggestion of the dentist who hoped children’s favorite chocolate would prevent tooth decay effectively.

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It is often told “Don’t eat a chocolate, because you will have a decayed tooth.” In reverse, the idea is that “You can prevent tooth decay even if you eat chocolate”. The cacao contained in the chocolate has relaxation and diet effects. Furthermore, some scholars believe that it is effective in preventing dementia. In fact, the cause of tooth decay is “sugar”. Therefore they didn’t use sugar at all and only used xylitol when they make the anti-tooth decay chocolate.

“What is Xylitol?”

It is an all natural sweetener whose anti-tooth decay effect is confirmed in Finland. There is little acid production by intra-oral bacteria and tooth remineralization can be expected, so it is known as an anti-carious (anti-tooth) decay sweetener.

There is a chocolate-ball type, too.

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“Product Review from a consumer”

Firstly, it has a bitter taste…Mild sweetness like a milk chocolate gradually spreads in a mouth and finally,my mouth feels cold.


Be careful, when you take too much xylitol, you have loose bowels.


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